Profitable Online Jobs For Students In Nigeria 2020

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Recently we discussed how to make money as a student and today i will show you some online jobs for students in Nigeria .


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If you are been following this blog you’ll discover that I’m sharing a lots of strategy to make money online, but if this is your first time of coming you have nothing to worry about.

Few weeks after posting how to start a blog as a student which serious people benefited from it.

I decided to come up with online jobs for students in nigeria and believe me that you could be making not less than 50k monthly after reading this post.

And guess what? I won’t be surprised after reading this post many people won’t take action.

Now let me tell you, the only thing that could render your online career useless is procrastination.

Always put to work from whatever thing you learned online, especially from this blog, no matter how little it’s.

My world here is to show you some online opportunity but i can never force you to take action.


Now without wasting any time let me go ahead and show you online jobs for undergraduate students in Nigeria.

They are many online big companies that is seriously looking for people to hire.

The amazing thing is that you dont need certificate before you can apply so that gives almost everybody the opportunity to start making money while you work for them.

So within a short time i will show you top 10 online jobs for students in Nigeria .


NOTE – whether you’re a student or not, or you didn’t even attended primary school at all, you can still benefit from it. Just take action and don’t procrastinate that’s all.


I know you’ll be asking your self this question, but you have nothing to worry about because everything is totally free.

You don’t need to invest a dime before you start or even in the future.


Like i said before, am not going to waste much time here.

Now let me go ahead and show you some online jobs for undergraduate students in nigeria .


Anytime you’re talking about making money online or anything related to it just have it in mind that affiliate marketing is the king.

You’ll make money promoting other people’s products, you will make money on any sale you made or any one you refer to them depending on the site you’re working with .


Blogging is also another ultimate online job you can create for your self. There is no limit on how much you would earn.

You’ll earn from google adsense

You’ll earn from affiliate marketing

You’ll earn from direct adverts and sponsored post. Etc

Do you want to learn blogging and start making money for your self? If the answer is yes then don’t worry because i get you covered. Use the link below and learn how to create a successful blog.

CHECKOUT- How To Create A Successful Blog In Nigeria


Freelancing is another profitable online jobs for students in Nigeria . i have already made a lots of money from it and I’m still making and i will be glad if you join me.

You’ll earn money for writing content for people or companies. Imagine making 2000 naira for writing 1k words. Is good right?

But i will advice you not to go into freelancing if you cannot write content by you’re self because if you copy from another site they will surely find out and they will not hire you again.


Graphic design is one of the profitable online jobs for students in Nigeria that you can start today. Remember that you have to learn first before people will start hiring you, so the early the better.

Many students are using graphic design to pay their bills e.g school fees.

So you too can also do the same, all you have to do is to head to playstore and find a suitable app to learn this great skill (Photoshop, pics art etc) and start learning now.


Do you know you could make money online by answering question or discovering bugs? A lots of people are making money already from it and you too can do the same .

They are a lots of companies that are seriously looking for people to answer some simple question for them or for you to discover a bug and you’ll be rewarded for it. I am doing it and they are still paying me.

Sometimes they pay you $3-$4 for each question you answered correct or $10-$15 for each bug you discovered.

Don’t be afraid, they don’t ask her question.


Now you’ve gotten some useful idea, don’t forgot to keep procrastination aside and take action.

Above is currently the online jobs for students in Nigeria .

Updated: December 10, 2019 — 8:52 pm

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