How To Upgrade 2020 Jamb Score/Result (How To Upgrade Jamb Score 2020)

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Are you still searching for how to upgrade 2020 jamb score? If the answer is yes then you’re welcome. You guys already know we’re the best when it comes to runs in Nigeria.

How to upgrade 2020 jamb score

So today we’re going to discussing how to upgrade jamb score 2020 to any score of your choice. We have done it for many students already and we’re still doing it.

Nothing is impossible to us when it comes to runs/expo in Nigeria. Those that subscribed with us on this 2020 jamb runs are happy because of their score is amazing. So helping those that didn’t subscribe with us by teaching them how to upgrade 2020 jamb utme score/result so that the would be able to get admission.

Our mission online is to assist Nigerian students to accomplish their goal by sending them correct and verified answers before exam, but today’s topic is kinda different.


Many people still don’t believe in 2020 jamb upgrade, although many people are using it to scam students but that doesn’t mean jamb upgrade is not real.

We have upgraded for not less than 700 students already and still counting. So urge you to hire us now for your 2020 jamb upgrade and stop looking for how to upgrade 2020 jamb score.

I want to make it known to you now that jamb upgrade 2020 is legit if you work with us. I can’t really vouch for others.

Do not because of cheap price and fall for this hungry scammers


My research shows that most of this scammers do use edited pictures to convince students. That’s why i made my own different, below is a video of a student i upgraded his jamb result.



There is no much requirements before you can upgrade your jamb score.

1.screenshot of your 2020 jamb printout will be needed.

2. Your jamb reg number.

3. The center you took the exam.

That’s all.

NOTE- we don’t upgrade score for free, but don’t worry our price is not much compare to others.

our price for 2020 jamb upgrade is 10.000 after few weeks it will go back to 15.000


I know you’ll be asking your self this question. Well,

We can upgrade your score to any score of your choice but the maximum we can offer is 350. So if you’re looking for how to upgrade your 2020 jamb score to above 350 this post is not for you.


Now you have seen how it works, without wasting anytime let me go ahead and show you how to upgrade 2020 jamb utme score

1.Call/WhatsApp us on 08136513644

2. Snap and send us your jamb print out on WhatsApp together with your reg number and the center you took the exam.

3. That’s all we need to upgrade your jamb score.

NOTE- payment must be made before we upgrade your jamb score.


We have also created 2020 jamb upgrade WhatsApp group where interested students can join, use the link below to join us now.



Now you have seen how to upgrade 2020 jamb score so you’re advised to take action now before the price increases.

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