How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2020(Make 50k Monthly)

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today i will be reviewing to you guys how to make money as a student in Nigeria  in this 2019 so that you will be free from the bondage of brokeness in school.

My name is Otitife the CEO of myexamrunzcom , i have been blogging for many years now (7 years) and no doubt blogging have truly helped my life. I was able to take care of my self and my junior one’s with the money i earned from blogging, I’m a student of abia state university uturu and I’m the one sponsoring my self.


My journey before i was able to succeed in blogging is very funny though, i blogged for many years without earning a dime. But i thank God for today.

So today i just decided to show my fellow Nigerians how to make money as a student in Nigeria , trust me if you follow my procedures you’ll start making not less than 50k monthly in short time. You won’t spend years to learn this skills just like i did.  I have learned everything already so i wouldn’t want you to spend years learning it.


So what I’m going to do is just to impact this my knowledge into your brain .

You’ll start making money for your self under two(2) months.

Is One Two Months Too Far?

Now let me tell you, what I’m about to teach you is not an illegal online business (yahoo yahoo).

Its 100% legit, and its not a ponzi scheme.

You’ll just follow my procedures and build a legit online income stream like me .

So therefore it might take a little time and it must surely work.

If you’re looking for a ponzi scheme (invest 1k and earn 10k or read news to earn) or an illegal online business (yahoo yahoo) please i think post is not for you.

But if you wants to create a permanent and legit online income stream for your self just like other gurus and students are doing then continue reading because this post is all about how to make money as a student in Nigeria.

This technique of making money as a Nigerian student doesnt require too much stress or time, you don’t have to work day and night before you earn because if you do so is going to affect your studies.

2-3 hours daily is enough, hehehe

Trust me this is going to be awesome. I have been making money online for few years now with this secret that am about to share with you now.

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Being a university student in Nigeria is not easy at all if you don’t have money. You’ll only be smoking garri in the hostel/lodge while those their father has money will be enjoying. Lol

Dont because i get you covered because today I’m going to show you how to make money as a student in Nigeria in this 2019 so that you’ll enjoy school life.


Trust me , things needed before you could be able to make create an online income stream for your self is not too much and you don’t need money to get the tools because as far as you’re here reading this post you are qualified.

1. Smart Phone
2. Internet connection
3. Data
4. Facebook/WhatsApp account

If you have the above listed tools that means you’re qualified and congratulations in advance because in not less than two months you’ll start making money for your self.

Small Proofs Of My Online Income

I did not plan to share any screenshot on this post but i just realized that its very hard to convince someone especially online without proof. So below is some of the money i have earned fromy my online income stream. After the proof i will go ahead and teach you how to make money as a student in Nigeria 

Above is the screenshot of the money i earned after spending 3hrs on one of my online income stream. Believe me me that you could do the same.

Hehehe… As far as online is concerned guys will be making money, now look very well on that screenshot above. $1 is equivalent to N360 in Nigeria, now multiply it with whatever you saw on that screenshot above and tell me the answer on the comment section. That’s what i also earned recently on my online income stream.

Now look very well and see everything by your self, see the kind of money a student like you is making. He is using it to take care of his self without looking out for his parents. I also earned this one from my online asset.

Now look very , if you’re wise you will see that all the money I’m making is mostly in dollar($). So when it is converted to our currency it became a big money. Above is the last proof I’m going to show you. Now lets go straight to the point.

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2020

Now we have gotten to the main level, the long awaited stage.

Without wasting your time i will go straight to the point.

If you’re reading this post now you’re very lucky, whether you’re a student or not. The secret doesn’t only work for students alone.

So if you are on this page now, congratulations once again because soon you’ll start making money for your self. Now lets go

Before you arrive to this particular post you must have visited many other one’s but maybe unfortunately they didn’t give the information you want. Trust me all of them are saying the same thing. Some will tell you the strategy to make money as a student in Nigeria as a student is via blogging, freelance, graphic design and lots more.

Well no doubt, all of them is working because i have made serious money from blogging.

But let me tell you the truth that no one else will ever tell you.

If you ever try to go into any of those things , blogging, freelancing or graphic design .  believe me you’ll never earn a dime for upto 3 years. Do you know why? Because you have to dig a ground first.

What do i mean? You have to learn what people on the business doesn’t know, and for you to learn that it will take you years. I have been on this blogging business for many years now. Just recently that i started seeing the light.

Hey dont panic yet, there are many other ways to make money without wasting upto one year or more to learn any online skill. Believe me that after reading this post you will no longer search for how to make money as a student in Nigeria again.

I have written an ebook in a pdp format which you can read with your smart phone or laptop.

The ebook explained how you can make money online as a student without learning any only skills, or engaging your self in any ponzi scheme e.g(pay 1k to earn 10k or real news to earn).

The ebook will teach you how to create an online income stream for your self under two months.

If you check you’ll see that is far better than this ponzi scheme that is scamming people up and down. Below is what you’ll see on the ebook

1. How To Create An Income Stream That Would earn You 50k Monthly.

2. You’ll Also See My Secret On How I made 273k Last Month .(You could do the same)

3. I Will Also Show You How To Make Money In USA($) Currency

Infact let me stop here, because i can’t listen out what is inside the powerful ebook.

Once you get this ebook believe me you’ll no longer search for how to make money as a student in Nigeria again because the ebook got all the information you want.

You’ll turn to a boss under two months, imagine making money online while sleeping? Is cool right? Hehehe

See how to get the ebook below.

I did not plan to create this ebook, it was only two things that made me wrote this awesome ebook.

1. My fellow students are seriously disturbing me that i should teach them how i do make money online.

2. Other sites are misleading people with fake strategies of making money online.

So i created the ebook and its quiet unfortunate that its not every body that will get the ebook.

I will only give out the ebook to my blog readers (fans) . So if you’re a fan of this blog or this is your first time of coming here, just thank your God. After reading this ebook you’ll never search for how to make money online  as a student in Nigeria

Hey, I’m not giving out the ebook for free. It took me time and money to find out this secret that actually works.

So if you are not ready to spend on what works the you can visit the next post or better still continue looking for free stuff, but believe me you will never get anything valuable online for free.

But if you are ready to make money, then continue reading.

I’m currently selling this ebook 10k offline, but if you are here reading this post you’ll get it 4k and this offer is for no going to last. Its just for few people and it will go back to its normal price which is 10k.

So if you’re here reading this post now kindly take this offer now before i take it down.

How To Buy The Ebook

1. Visit the page from
2. Use your ATM card and make the payment (4k). (Remember is for a limited time).

3. After Payment you’ll will be redirected to a page where you’ll download the ebook…

Call/WhatsApp me wit 08136513644 if you can’t pay online.

That is it. Keep procrastination aside and take action now, others are making money. Stop asking google how to make money online as a student in nigeria and take action for crying out loud.

For more information contact us


Below is what some people that have gotten the ebook are saying.

That’s the only testimony I’m going to share, take action now.


I have an advice for you, don’t be a type of person that totally depend on free stuffs. Do you know why? Because you keep running from junction to the other. This is internet so wise up, nobody will share his secret for free to you.

So if you’re really interested in learning how to make money online as a student in Nigeria that means the above ebook is for you. Kudos!

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