How To Become A Yahoo Boy 2020: How To Start A Yahoo Boy Career

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If you’re on this post it simply means you are searching for how to become a yahoo boy, well today i’m going to teach you some yahoo boy orientation and some important yahoo boy app to enable your yahoo boy career.

With the high rate of unemployment in the country for graduates and non graduates, many has engaged their self in online fraud and scamming and the amazing thing is that many of them have become millionairs, so today i’m going to teach you how to start a yahoo boy career and who knows if you will be the next person to pick.

In this our modern world, no one wants to be broke or poor because there are a lot of bills to pay. Many people that are into this yahoo business started it out of frustration and most especially unemployment.

Assuming the government created employent opportunities for its citizens i don’t think the rate of online fraud or let’s call it yahoo will be much.

So you’re going to learn how to become yahoo boy to enable you start paying some of your bills without depending on anyone to do it for you.

NOTEyahoo yahoo is not a legalized online business, so if you have decided to engage your self in yahoo business kindly know that it’s very risky.


If you’re looking for how to start a legit business online kindly click here.

More Hints On Becoming A Yahoo Boy

Now within a short time you’ll learn how to become a successful yahoo boy but before that let me first of all and show you some topics you’re going to learn today. boy app

2. Yahoo boy orientation

3. Yahoo boy dating format

4. How to start a yahoo boy career

5. Learn how to become a yahoo boy

6. Cloning app for yahoo


Requirements For Becoming A Yahoo Boy

There are no much things needed before you can become a yahoo boy, all you have to do is to make sure you have all the primary things listed below.


Laptop is one of the major things needed as an intended yahoo boy, it’s very essential although some yahoo boys do use their phone to do the illegal business.

We recommend PC because it has more features than mobile phone, you can do more with it than phone, though you can still use your phone if you don’t have laptop.

So if you are searching for how to become a yahoo boy just have it in mind that PC is essential.

2. Fake Pictures And Video

This is another important aspect in yahoo business, as a yahoo aspirant you are supposed to have some fake pictures and video of someone you wants to impersonate. This will help you look like a real person to the person you wants to defraud, you can’t use your normal picture to start yahoo. But f you are looking for how to get fake pictures for yahoo kindly visit Instagram and look for white man or woman and download their pictures and videos.

Fake Phone Number

This is also one of the most important aspect of yahoo, do you know why?

It’s simply because you can’t use your country phone number and chat a white man ire woman, it looks childish and anybody doing that is a learner and will be hard for him to pick.

All you have to do is to change your local phone number to an international number so that everything will look real and legit.

How To Become A Yahoo Boy

Now you have you have seen some important things needed before becoming a yahoo boy, let me go ahead and teach you how to start a yahoo boy career

1.Get Your PC Or Mobile Phone And Hunt For Rich white Man/Woman

NOTE– Yahoo is done on whatsapp because is more convenient, don’t do it on Facebook to avoid ban. Get their phone number from facebook, Instagram or any other social media and then chat them on whatsapp.

2. Before you start hunting for phone numbers, make sure everything is in order. Your foreign number, fake pictures and videos and other stuff.

3. Now start chatting them, don’t forget to use your senses and do not forget to chat like a foreigner.

Above is how to become a yahoo boy, now let me go ahead and show you some other important things in as a yahoo boy.

Yahoo Boy Whatsapp Whatsapp Group

As an upcoming yahoo boy, you need a serious couching and mentoring to enhance your yahoo career.

We have created a yahoo boy whatsapp group to teach you everything you need to know as an aspirant.

When you join the group you’ll learn

1.Yahoo boy formats that works

2. How to Get reach white man/woman phone number

3. How to receive payment from your client without your identity

4. Yahoo boy billing format

5. How To Make Video Call With Your Client

Etc… But unfortunately you cannot join this group for free. It will only cost you 10k in Nigerian currency to join the group.

NOTE– It’s not all about searching for how to become a yahoo boy, the problem is that a you ready to pay for the people that are already in the game to teach you?

Yahoo is not a childish game, someone can’t impact his knowledge to you for free. If you are interested in learning how to start a yahoo boy career and some other important thins kindly use the link below to pay the sum of 10.000 naira, after payment you’ll automatically join the group.

Yahoo Boy Billing Format

A lot of people have been doing this yahoo of over five(5) years without picking 1kobo, do you know why? Because their billing format is very poor which makes their victim to know that their a scammers. When you join our yahoo whatsapp group we are going to teach you the best Yahoo billing format that works.

Yahoo Boy Orientation

As an upcoming yahoo boy that wants to pick fast, you must learn some necessary yahoo boy orientation to enable you look real to your victim. You must not skip any of this else you will never pick. Kindly join our whatsapp group now and learn everything.

Yahoo Boy Dating Format

A lot of yahoo boys that refused to cool down and learn has received a lot of ban from their victims become of wrong dating format. White people don’t date the way you date in your village. You must be emotional, romantic etc, join our yahoo boy whatsapp group now and learn the best yahoo boy dating format that works.

Like always say, it’s not all about searching for how to become a yahoo boy, as an upcoming yahoo boy you must be ready to spend and learn.

Yahoo Boy Cloning App

As a yahoo boy or an upcoming yahoo boy, there are some necessary yahoo boy app needed to enable you operate very well. We have listed them on our whatsapp group so join now and get it asap.

Do I Need Jaz/Juju Before Starting A Yahoo Boy Career

A lot of people keep saying or thinks that one can’t pick without wasting blood or without visiting any native doctor.

Well the only thing that will make you not to pick is wrong yahoo format.


Now you’ve finished learning how to become a yahoo boy, don’t forget to join our yahoo boy whatsapp group and learn from those that have gone far.

Updated: December 16, 2019 — 7:47 am

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