How To Apply For Dubai Visa In Nigeria 2020

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how to apply for Dubai visa in Nigeria is now what almost every Nigerian youths are searching, everybody is looking for any means to exit this country to a earn a good living in Dubai.

I will make sure i answer all the necessary questions you need on this post, even those asking what are the documents required for a Dubai visa will also get an answer .

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Dubai is a very cool and nice country almost what every body is dreaming, you will really enjoy life to the fullest in Dubai because it’s not like our country Nigeria where everything is hard.

How Much Is Dubai Visa

  • 96-hour single entry – 23,315 Naira
  • Two week – 30,340 Naira
  • Tourist – 30,340 Naira
  • 90 days – 63,120 Naira (currently suspended)
  • 30-day multi-entry – 60,780 Naira (currently suspended)
  • 90-day multi-entry – 154,440 Naira (currently suspended)

Unlike many other countries, Dubai visa requirements and application procedures are simple and quick. This city is waiting for businesspersons, tourists, and students from Nigeria all year round.

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Dubai Visa from Nigeria

The Visa Center that issues Dubai visas is located in Lagos. It works 5 business days, Monday through Friday. Citizens who wish to travel abroad can visit the office from 8 am until 3 pm. This center is a quick way to get your visa if you are flying via Emirates Airlines.

What Are The Documents Required For Dubai Visa

  • 4.3cm x 5.5 cm colored photographs on light (best white) background.
  • Complete visa application form (completed in block letters).
  • Valid Nigerian immigration password (for at least 3-6 months depending on your visa type).
  • Photocopy of all your visas (current and the ones that have already expired).
  • Copies of an ID card.
  • Proof of two-way air tickets.
  • Health insurance document.
  • Financial statement from the bank.
  • Hotel booking proof.
  • Copy of tax file and business record for independent tourists.
  • A note from your company that assures you have a short-time vacation and will get back to work after a trip.
  • Invitation from relatives, friends or family from Dubai with their physical address, telephone, names and photocopy of UAE passport.

Dubai Visa Requirements

The travel or tourist visa is a single-entry document lawful for 58 days from the date it was issued. It allows a traveler to stay in Dubai for 30 days. The visa has particular requirements:

Visit for tourist purpose only

Booked hotel proof

Traveler should have a high profession with a proof attached to the documents

Only for family visits (2 or more people)

Not issued for a single tourist traveling alone

The 96-hour-visa is a type of visa that is perfect for Nigerians who are planning to spend in the UAE 1-3 days. Businesspersons are the ones who often apply for this Dubai visa which is legit for 30 days from the moment it was issued. The main requirement is to have onwards flight and destination.

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The 14-day visa is a short-term document that cannot be extended. It allows spending two weeks in Dubai and is legit for two weeks from the moment it was issued. The list of requirements for this visa is as follows:

Booked hotel proof

Financial statement from Nigerian bank

Profession proof or bank card (debit or credit)

Minor applicants have to be accompanied by parents or relatives. Only in this situation would their visa application will be reviewed.

Visa Application Center in Lagos is not the only place where you can apply for Dubai visa. Travel and tour companies can also help you get UAE visa. It usually takes 2-8 days to process your documents and issue the international visa if everything is done with the copies and forms you have submitted.

How To Apply For Dubai Visa In Nigeria

Let us describe to you the complete Dubai visa application process. You should make sure that you have all the papers ready, met the requirements and filled out the special visa form before you can go to the Application Center in Lagos and apply for UAE visa.

It is possible to send documents through online service or bring them in person, but you’ll have to pay the fees at Visa Application Center only and after you have booked a ticket to Dubai.


If you have any question regarding how to apply for Dubai in Nigeria visa kindly drop them on the comment box

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