2020 Jamb Questions And Answers (how to get 2020 jamb questions and answers before the exam)

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If your reading this post it simply means you’re searching for 2020 jamb questions and answers.


First of all you’re welcome to best expo website in Nigeria , today i will be showing you guys how to get 2020 jamb question and answers before the exam .

Our job here on the internet is to assist students in any type of exam they are writing by sending them verified question and answers .

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We have been doing it for many years now, thousands of students have gotten admissions through our help and you too could do the same.

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We are assuring your 320 and above if you work with us.


You don’t have to keep rewritting jamb every year due to poor score, me and my team have decided to help you in this upcoming utme exam by sending you correct and verified 2020 jamb questions and answers before the exam starts.

We shall send yours 2020 jamb answers midnight or five(5) hours before the exam start. Those that normally get answers midnight are the ones writing in the morning while those writing in the afternoon gets it 5 hours before exam.


2020 jamb questions and answers


They are some thing we shall be needing from you so that we would be able to send you correct and verified answers.


1.Your full name

2. Your jamb reg number

3. Your desired phone number where you wants to receive the answers.

Your jamb reg number is the most important thing because that’s what we’re going to use to access your questions and answers.


Now let me go ahead and show you how to get 2020 jamb questions and answers before the exam.

NOTE- we don’t offer this service for free .

Our price for jamb runs is 8,000 only and it will go back to 10,000 in few days.

We accept online payment, bank deposit and mobile transfer. So you’ll choose the one that is convenient for you.


  1. Go to our payment page from HERE

2. Use your card and make a payment of 8,000

3. After payment a new page will open, you’ll see a WhatsApp invitation link. Use it and join our VIP jamb run WhatsApp group.

NOTE – if the payment wasn’t successful you wont be able to join our vip group.

4. After you have successfully made payment and you’ve joined the group, you’ll be asked to drop your jamb reg number and your full name.

That’s it… For more information kindly call/WhatsApp admin on 08136513644


  1. Call/WhatsApp admin on 08136513644 for account details.

2. You’ll make a payment of 8,000

3. After the payment you’ll be added to our VIP group where you’ll drop the necessary information we need from you to do the job.



Now you’ve seen everything you need to know about 2020 jamb questions and answers and how to get 2020 jamb answers before the exam, you’re advised to take action now.

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